Teen Poetry Collections

We Came from Saudi Arabia

by a young man, age 16

We came from Saudi Arabia
But my dad wouldn’t help my mom.
He didn’t help get food.
He came and went as he wanted.
He would hit my mom.
He had another wife on the side.
My mom told him, “Step up and be a man.”
He left and ended up in jail.
I was five, I didn’t know what was going on.
I don’t want to be like my dad
When I grow up.
It’s the worst feeling I could have
Seeing him hit her,
Not knowing when he would be home.
Now that I’m older
I started getting in trouble with the law.
Now I’m stressed,
I wish I could go back and fix this,
But there is only the future.
I keep going back to what I know,
Hustling, selling drugs, all of that.
All this keeps bringing me back in here.
Now I want to turn that around.
Now I’ll go to school,
Staying away from drugs,
And then I’ll have money
When I don’t drink and smoke,
I have money,
I go to the skate park,
Because I love to skate.
I need to stay away
From those who are there dealing.
It’s hard to turn around,
To hang with the right crew.