Teen Poetry Collections

Wake Up

by a young man, age 15

Wake up to the sound of your voice in my head
Like the way you say good morning
Running through my room, making noise
Screaming “Daddy wake up, Daddy wake up”
You with curly hair in a mess
Your sister still in her onesie
With her beautiful green eyes

I wake up here expecting your playful laughter
Instead there is dead silence
Here I look in the mirror in the morning
Wishing I could hear your footsteps running towards me
When you would grab a string a floss
Staring at me in the reflection of the mirror
You would always argue, I would argue back
I’m still missing your presence,
even though its only been a week or two

I call you after my first meal of the day
Only wishing that 15-minute talk time was hours
I hate having to lie to you
About where I am
But the place I am now is not a place a girl should know her father is