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Pongo Poetry Prize - May 2015

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Waiting for Superman
by a young woman, age 16

When I was small,
I would listen to fairy tales and wish I was a princess.
I would dress up in a dress,
put on makeup and a crown,
and feel as if my prince was on his way.
He never came.

As I grew,
I wanted a superhero to save me from my demons.
Someone to come down,
pick me up and fly me away.
Far, far away.
He never came.
Now, I want a villain.
Someone to blame
for everything I get mad for.
To blame for my hardships, my bad times, and the deaths.
He never came.
There is no prince
waiting to sweep you off your feet.
There is no superhero
waiting to save us.
There is no super villain
waiting to cause terror.
There is just us.
We make worlds and dream of fantasies.
But that's all they are.

I wish I got saved by my superhero,
got my prince,
defeated my villain.
But no.
I didn't get rescued.
No prince is on their way,
and no villain is here to blame.

Only me.
My prince is me.
My hero is me.
My villain is me.
I am the protagonist.
I am the antagonist.
I am my story.
But I'm just me.
I can't fly.
I can't throw mountains.
I can't shoot lasers out of my eyes.
The odds are against me.
Not in my favor.
But that's my story.
The story of me.
The story of the non-special me.

I don't have powers.
I don't have anything special.
But I have me.
And that's all I need.
The prince probably met someone else.
My hero probably saved someone else.
My villain probably terrorized someone else.
But that's fine.
Because I can make my own story
With only me.

[Author statement: "I'm what you call the secretive type. I needed a place where I could write poetry. I don't mind if other people read it, just not my parents as they wouldn't like to know that what's going through their kid's head is anything but sunshine and rainbows. There I found Pongo and wrote so much, got comments about it, pointers, and just a different view of it other than my own. I felt free. My mind felt free.”]

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