Teen Poetry Collections

Upstate New York Boy

by a young man, age 15

A four-year-old boy
Is playing on the floor
With toys, a truck
He hears something in the back
Of his head
He calls it good imagination
And bad imagination
Good imagination is like
The angels –
They’re good, they’re awesome
They battle against the bad imagination 

A few years later
The angels disappear
No one knows what happened to them
They evolve into demons
One day, the boy finds himself
In an institution, it was plain
White, very simple
There was seclusion
What happened to the New York boy
Playing with his toys 

If I could go back
I would tell that boy
He needs help
It’s called psychosis
And not to play with it
It gets worse
You need a doctor
Before it’s too late

Dedicated to Mom and Dad