Prize Poetry


by young woman, age 16

I’m too scared. Too scared to speak my mind, too scared to say ‘hi’.
I’m not like others.
I’m a person with struggles.

Home isn’t a place for me.
There’s too much pain and stress that has me weeping.

I just wasn’t cool like the kids at my school.
I’ve learned that trying to fit in isn’t a good thing to do.

But I’m learning, I’m trying,
Always breaking down and crying.
Times are hard. I’m going to restart
Hopefully this will fix it all.

Every night I lie in bed thinking about my life.
What’s the meaning?
How can I live in the moment with life?
Staying strong, standing tall.

School has been going faster.
More homework, less sleep.
Every weekend isn’t always fine.
I carry pain everywhere I go, hiding it all inside
Wanting to let go.

I may be strong. I may know how to fight,
But every time, my soft spot comes out to save my life.

Times are hard, walking and feeling alone.
Keeping myself in long distance
So people don’t get annoyed.
What’s the meaning of love?
Why does it seem so mean?
I’m trying to become better,
Pushing negativity aside to have my days seem a bit brighter.

It’s hard to understand me. I know you can’t understand.
But open up your mind and look at where I stand.
I go through a lot. It’s hard to control.
You may think it’s easy, but I’m not strong enough to fight this battle alone.

I don’t want attention. I don’t need a pity party.
I’m fine by myself, standing here alone.
If you ask me what’s wrong, don’t expect me to tell the truth.
I’ll lie and smile at you.
You’ll believe it because you want to.

This is my story and I don’t want you to worry.
I’m fine, but just need space and time to gain my strength.