Prize Poetry

Trapped Inside

by a young woman, age 18

Trapped inside me with no way out, tightly bound by vines overgrown with thorns blistered into the skin. Nestled beneath, it became accustomed to attack the place which was the core of living. How do you heal with a wound so complicated and intricate that it is an unsolved maze run into by many but never solved. So many people in and out, thinking they know the way to the end. Poking and touching, when does it end... stop. No one will figure it out, it's too different from what "they" know...

But you knew, you knew what each wound felt like, the awkward feeling from the rooted thorns crashing into your heart... You helped... The distraction you gave enabled me to feel, to move... To touch without getting pricked... Slowly you replaced things inside me...

You've planted a garden full of laughter and love, one that cannot be destroyed by the infection within... With each day, it grows, replacing each thorn with something bright, new... New like you, so let me breathe you in... Stay around and watch as the door closes and stops the flow from what is not wanted anymore... We will shovel it out together with not a speck to remain... We will listen to the vague sound of rain as it waters our hearts and allows us to take on a new path in the woods... One without thorns and vines...

[Author Statement: "I wrote this poem to get my feelings out. I wanted to get out what I felt about losing someone so close, and get it out of my head. Describing it with a maze and thorns seemed to fit, considering I've never been too good at mazes and puzzles, and losing this person seemed to feel like a maze you can't get out of. It also talked about someone else who came into my life who helped me get out and solve the maze, so to speak. It felt good to get it all out there on paper. I really enjoyed writing this piece because it expressed how I felt during this time."]

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