Teen Poetry Collections

The Three Faces of My Monster

by a young man, age 15

I feel like a monkey in a cage with so much rage
& fear
the fear my mom is dying
the fear I am out of control
like a monster is living inside me
he sees blood & death every time he opens his eyes
everybody runs & hides
he has nothing but anger accelerating through his body
like getting hit with electricity
still locked up, I woke up & looked in the mirror
I changed, & not in a good way
I always look drugged up
nobody trusts me
because the monster hurts people
doesn’t feel the pain & sadness
laughs like it’s a joke

now, I am out of jail with freedom
but I am scared to lose it
now I am walking down the street in the dark
by myself
anger built up like I’m going to kill somebody
I’m scared of the monster in me
the monster takes away my freedom like a basketball
every time
the next minute I’m running
because I’m getting shot at
the next minute I get shot in the head

I am finally free of the monster
happy knowing I ain’t going to get hurt or hurt anybody else
it’s like I’m a man on top of the world
with my grandpa
I imagine how my life would be
if I didn’t have the monster in me
now, I am finally free
I can look down on my family
all the people I’ve hurt
& say goodbye