Prize Poetry

This Is Who You Are to Me #3

by a young woman, age 16

In my ocean, you are my prey.
And you are the predator.

In my grassy field, you are a the pollen that travels with the winds.
While I eliminate the weeds and the critters.

In my galaxy, you are the unknown.
You are destined to look further for more.

In my heart, you are the reason it skips its beats.
You allow me to think back to my childhood,
when I skipped along the creeks in the backyards.

You are my world.

[Author Statement: "I have been writing and sharing my poems on the Pongo web site for a while. Writing for this web site has influenced me to express my poetic side. I also find writing poems on Pongo to be fun with different activities that are provided, too. Being mentioned is an honor. And I thank Pongo Publishing for this opportunity!"] 

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