Prize Poetry

This Is Who You Are to Me #2

by a young woman, age 15

In my ocean, you are a shipwreck on the sandy floor, parts of you are still missing to me, but we can all tell you were once brilliant. At the same time, though, you're an eel slithering in and out of everywhere you shouldn't be, contradicting everything you say, and still sparks fly when we cross paths.

because i knew you before you found a new  version of yourself, I loved you before everything changed, before our worlds shifted and i lost the person to a parallel universe filled with drugs and lies, but i still kept hope that one day things would change and eventually things would be the way i left them.

In my grass meadow, you are a single tree, leaves rustling as wind slides through them, chilling your core, but your roots go deep, sinking into the soil, keeping you grounded. I am the girl who wanders through the grass and climbs in the twisted branches i named reality, manipulating you only to climb to your peak and feel like i'm on the top of the world, to feel like i accomplished something.

because i know you, i know your weaknesses and insecurities, and i know how to use them against you, but i can only break so many branches before the only thing left is your trunk, the real you i once knew so well and can't take the constant beatings. I serve to make myself feel right, so you shake me loose and try to keep yourself anchored, but i can tell the soil is turning to silt.

In my galaxy, you are a shooting star, here one minute with a flash of beauty and a glimmer of hope that wishes can come true, but gone the next, reminding me i can only find truth in things i know are consistent. You are a constellation. I see your patterns and could identify you anywhere in the world, if i had the time to care, and long enough to find you, you're always on the move.

because you confuse me, you riddle me with sweet words and puzzle my mind with splinters of false hope that this world could be something worth finding the truth in. You taunt me with your elegance and double standards. When there’s nothing to believe in. i find myself running back to you, finding you, a cluster in the stars and a scar left on the surface.

under my skin you are the blood pulsing through my veins pumping through my heart, with each beat pulling the skin around my muscles so tightly i find release in injury. You are the white scars ribboned around my body, engulfing me in happiness and sorrow both at the same time.

you are the reason i don't trust, and the reason i can over trust in times i need someone around. You were an educational experience that i learn from more and more every day. You are my smile and my reason for tears, you are my rock and the helium that takes me away.

because you were my first true love and my first real experience in heartbreak.

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