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Pongo Poetry Prize - October 2014

This is the 18th winner of the Pongo Poetry Prize. Following the winning poem, there are links to three great poems that received Honorable Mention.

This Is What You Meant to Me 
by a young woman, age 13

This poem is in memory of Daddy

In my ocean, you were a dolphin,
because you made me jump with joy,
But I doubted everything,
I felt as if I were going to die too.

In my grassy field, you were a flower,
because you were delicate,
I admired your strength,
But I feared power,
I imagined a life time with you.

In my galaxy, you were a shooting star,
because you were here and gone in a minute,
I wanted to cry,
But I dreaded mourning,
I wondered would it be worth it?

In my autobiography, you were the dedication,
because you gave meaning to my existence,
I understood every word you said,
But I needed more time to spend with you,
I lost you too soon, you were gone like the wind,
sifting through my hair.

I will always remember the time we had together,
But I will always regret not spending more time,
I will always dream about that one day
where you come back and spend all of eternity with me,
But I'll cherish our little infinity!

And this is what you meant to me.

I love and miss you, Daddy, Happy Birthday!

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