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Things I Would Say to My 14-Year-Old Mom

by a young man, age 14

If I could go back in time,
As a 14-year-old
To meet my 14-year-old mom,
It would be at
My grandmother’s house.

There’s a big TV,
A big entertainment center,
Brown couches.
We would sit on the couch.
The TV would be on,
Playing MTV.
We both like it.

I would tell her
To leave my real dad as soon as possible
And to watch over me, down the road,
And to prepare, because there will be bumpy roads.

I wish I could tell her then
To raise me kinda better.
Keep me away from smoking and violence,
So I wouldn’t be like I am now.

Keep me away from my dad,
Because he was abusive.
Stay strong, and don’t let him bring you down.

If I told her this,
She would accept it,
Because she would prepare for how I am going to be today.

But at first I don’t think she would believe me
About my dad.
But then later on, she would see how he is
Toward me.

After I say all this,
She would get up and leave
Because she wouldn’t listen to a stranger
Tell her how her kid is going to be.

Dedicated to my mother