Teen Poetry Collections

They Look Like a Heart, They Beat 

These sample poems were written by teenagers at Child Study and Treatment Center (CSTC), the only state-run residential psychiatric hospital for children in Washington State. A team of Pongo writing mentors worked with the youth within the center’s school program at Firwood Secondary School (Clover Park School District).

During Pongo's projects at CSTC, the young people express themselves on a variety of themes, including abuse, the importance of family, confusion in life, cutting, imaginary worlds, suicidal feelings, and hope; and every year the teens share their writing in a powerful, wonderful poetry finale in front of other teens and staff.

These poems are great. And they are just some of the great poems created in Pongo's writing project at CSTC in the 2008-09 school year!

Sample Poems
I Hate Them
The New Park
Inside Me #2
Mom Did It with an Alien
Upstate New York Boy
My Dad #2
Feelings of the Rainbow
Why I Hate Basketball
Poem to a Girl 

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