The World In Lockdown

 by Diverse ‘Nd Equal

Silent and still.
But not entirely motionless.
The streets are abandoned.
The world is tranquil.
And it's still blooming.

Choirs of birds are singing,
their morning choruses louder than ever.
Flowing conversations between grasshoppers
echo in the night.
Animals no longer fear humans
as they cross our path's like we do not exist.
The sounds of oceans and rivers, rippling calmly,
can be heard for miles.

The overwhelming sound of traffic
as cars rush towards their destinations
is now non-existent.
The thundering sound of sirens
no longer ripples through the streets.
The smell of the ocean is no longer buried
by the fumes from traffic jams and factories.

The smell of home cooked meals fills
a nation’s worth of homes,
as takeaways become limited.
We are forced to socialize,
face to face with our family.
We are pushed to socialize,
electronically with our friends.
We are expected to entertain ourselves,
without the help from pubs,
clubs, and restaurants.
We are obligated to exercise
without the help from gyms, sports clubs,
and swimming pools.
Self-care has become our only priority.
Parties, BBQ's, and Festivals
are now classed as illegal.
Groups of people
are forbidden.
Mother Nature has spoken.
This Is The World In Lockdown.