Prize Poetry

The Way You Sang

by a young woman, age 13

In memory of my grandfather

The way you sang in your big bass voice
made me feel like I was never alone
The way you sang made me feel amazed
like I was in a dream that had no end

The way you sang told the story of your life,
the story that could change a person's whole world
The way you sang gave me joy inside,
it filled me with a hope of reaching my dreams

The way you sang helped me to believe,
believe in the same Savior that you have
The way you sang made me see the real you,
the reason you sang and kept you going was Him

The way you sang told me that you loved me,
told me you would never leave me even after you had gone
The way you sang made me want to do the same,
express my feelings through music and rhythm

The way you sang is the most I miss about you,
how you could silence a room by the tone of your voice
The way you sang is what I want to hear again,
and I know that I will once again when I meet you in Heaven

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