Teen Poetry Collections

The Pain

by a young man, age 17

Me and my little brother used to play video games
and my dad would come in and wrap the cord around my neck
and drag me out.  He introduced me to pornography
and all that.  He would always tell me I’m nothing.
He deserves to be in jail forever. 
He’s around my little brothers and sisters.
I reported him once and they didn’t do anything about him.
He whipped me and beat me,
I have lines in my back from the beatings.
I remember inappropriate things my dad did to my girlfriend.
There was a day she was wearing a bikini,
and she came over,
and my dad took off her bikini and raped her.
She screamed and screamed and screamed to get off me,
but he kept on going.
Her name was H.
If I let out all my rage, a lot of people would get hurt. 

Dedicated to anybody in pain from abuse from parents.