Teen Poetry Collections

The Nightmare That Never Ended

by by a young woman, age 16

Meth addiction took over my life
I would get forty or fifty dollars from a jugg real quick
And bring it back to my home girl
I was still twelve
She would go upstairs to the dope dealer
She would bring it back down, load it in the pipe
After it was all gone
I’d go out again
I’d walk two blocks from the hotel
And a man would pick me up
I was twelve
It wouldn’t end
It wouldn’t end
Somewhere in there I overdosed
While I was getting a tattoo on my back
That says “Love is a Battlefield”
I don’t remember when
The only time I was clean
Was when I went to juvenile hall
I was there for seven days
And then back to the same addiction
I would run away from the foster home
I’d go on north first street in Yakima
Selling myself
To supply my drugs
And that’s where my life began
That’s when I became involved with the Northenas
A La Raza gang
I was thirteen
I had no family at that point
And the gang was my comfort
My safety
My home
I was walking on the wrong side of Yakima
By myself
I seen some Surenos
And I ran
They shot me twice in my left leg
I was thinkin’ nothing of it
Got stabbed in my right leg
In the same moment
I didn’t even feel it at first
I didn’t even know it until I got home
That’s when I realized I had to change
But I was addicted to my lifestyle
Knowing that I was gonna end up dead
I decided I wanted to live past thirteen.

Dedicated to my parents