Teen Poetry Collections

The New Park

by a young man, age 12

You’re in the park
It’s been deserted for many years
Because people have died there
There’s a swing set, a slide, monkey bars
And a gymnasium
They’re all taken down
They look like a pile of wood
That people loved so much 

You start grabbing pieces of wood
You take a hammer and nails
You start to pound the wood together
And you build
A swing set, a tree house
You start to paint
Paint the swing set red
And you paint the tree house
A beautiful red and blue
Blue is because of the sadness
That you had in your life 

Then you get a megaphone
And say
That there’s a new park
Kids start rushing in
They get on the swing set
And push each other
They look like a heart when they’re swinging
They beat

Dedicated to Mom, Dad, and K.