Teen Poetry Collections

The Lifestyle of Worries

 by a young man in detention

I want to get out of here

I’m worried about my grandma

I want to take care of her

Anything could happen to her right now

I’m not there to protect her

She has been the most important person in my life

She’s been there since I was two years old

because my mom and dad lost custody

It’s hard

It’s hard thinking about her

I’d been seeing my mom

about three times a month

and she passed away

when I was 11 or 10

It tore me up a little bit

I feel like my dad,

He’s been there a little bit

but he’s in and out of prison my whole life

I talk to him on the phone sometimes

Sometimes I feel lonely

I don’t really got nobody on my side

and then when I think about my mom,

tears just come down,

like a waterfall off a cliff.

and when I think about my dad

I want him to be better

I don’t want him to be in prison

He’s supposed to get out in January

and I just hope he stays out of trouble

I feel so lonely

it’s like a dark cloud has wrapped me up

My worry is like me standing on a cliff

and it’s breaking apart

and I’m falling to the edge,

washed away in the waterfall

I feel like I miss my twin sister

I be talking to her on the phone when I’m in here

She’s a strong person, focused on school,

getting her education

When I think about her

it’s as if she has angel wings wrapped around me

and eagle eyes watching me

And then there’s me

I like sports

mainly basketball

and football is my secondary sport

I’m as strong as a brick wall

I feel like God sent me down here

I feel like everything is God’s plan

I feel like He sent me here to think about my life

I feel like He may have sent me here

to protect me from death,

to help me get control

and find a better path

And I know when I get out

God is going to protect me,

show me a better life,

help me get back in school,

help me protect my grandma

and sisters

The man I was meant to be

is a businessman

and a protector of my loved ones