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Pongo Poetry Prize - July 2014

This is the 17th winner of the Pongo Poetry Prize. Following the winning poem, there are links to three great poems that received Honorable Mention.

That Girl 
by a young woman, age 13

She's just that girl
that you see in the hall
with that same look on her face everyday
Or is it loneliness?

She's just that girl
with the blue hair
and lonesome green eyes
You think to yourself,
If I said hi would that change those sad eyes?

She's just that girl
that always wears long sleeves
You wonder
what's she hiding underneath?
Scars maybe?

She's just that girl
that never had a friend
And when you wanted to say hi
it was too late 

[Author Statement: "Writing has always been an escape for me, and I wanted to find a place that I could share my love of writing. I think it's very important for teens to have an escape. And a wonderful web site like Pongo is just what I need. It is a place that makes one feel like they have finally been heard and will not be judged for their thoughts."]

Honorable Mention, July 2014 
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