Prize Poetry

That First Apple

by a young woman, age 17

You didn't know it was growing along your life's road
But here it is.
It tastes as sweet as an apple.
And I mean that first apple that your little tree grows,
The one it throws down to you and you look up like the sky is falling.
What if the sky was falling?
Yes. But you see the beauty in destruction.
You see the creation from the death of old ideas,
and you begin to climb that tree,
Reaching for more of that sweet taste,
climb higher and higher
until you can actually reach the sky and take a piece from the sky itself.
Take that piece and take another,
Until you have found an entirely new something,
Something wonderful and bright,
That if that apple had not fallen you never would have known to exist,
And now here you are reaching for the stars
And pulling them from the sky,
Bringing them into this new reality so that finally
Dreams come true.

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