Teen Poetry Collections

Ten Reasons to Love Me #2

 by a young man in detention

1.    I may not be perfect, but I can turn things around,

like a merry-go-round goes round.

2.    I always wish that my life will mean something,

like the point of view to a book.

3.    I do my best to understand my surroundings

and events that happen in my life, like a movie.

4.    I can create an image of my future that I believe is possible.

5.    I hold onto some things forever, like the clothes I wear

and the pain I carry like a backpack.

6.    I have unusual ideas, like how will the world turn out to be –

Will there be a future?

7.    If I were an animal, I’d be a dolphin so I could swim

through the ocean like my mom wanted.

8.    I am a great, trustworthy, angry, sad teddy bear.