Teen Poetry Collections

Sweet Wine

by a young man, age 15

I’m from a street where
Gun shots at night is nothing new
But people always wonder why the police come through
Abandoned projects and boarded up houses
Unsupervised children running like mouses
Drug dealers and gang bangers
But this isn’t new to me

My household is nothing like what I make it seem to be
I make it seem to be what every kid wants
But in reality
My dad is dead
My mom has breast cancer
My brother is dead
But I tell people that my life is just fine
I tell people that my life is good like sweet wine

I live in an apartment
With my stepdad
Broken picture frames
Holes in the wall from people slamming doors open
Roaches scatter when the lights turn on
Sometimes the water is turned off from the bill not being paid
I support myself

I’m a 20-year-old trapped in a 16-year-old body
I hang with older people
Do older people activities and festivities
Play basketball, smoke and people still think I’m a joke
I feel like I’m grown sometimes
But I know I’m just a child

Once my dad died I had no father figure
My stepdad doesn’t care what I do
In and out of foster care
Been through and made it out of many group homes
But then again people think my life is good like sweet wine