Support from Pongo
for Your Writing Project

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Pongo would like to support you, to help you facilitate healing through poetry for distressed youth. You can experience a joyous experience with young writers in this process of openness and creativity.

On this web site we have a Teaching Resources section, that explains our approach and many aspects of the Pongo Method.

This section, Start Your Project, describes had to assemble the concepts from Teaching Resources into an actual writing project.

In addition, Pongo offers Trainings and Workshops both in Seattle and also at your agency or conference.

We can consult with you by phone or Zoom. Please email us to schedule a time, at

Pongo would also like to offer you a community of people who are doing this work. There are Programs on the Pongo Model. We call them "duckling" projects. Please contact us, and we will put you in touch with your colleagues.

And, of course, we think that Richard Gold's book, WRITING WITH AT-RISK YOUTH: THE PONGO TEEN WRITING METHOD, offers you the most complete foundation in this work. You can ORDER your copy on Amazon.