Prize Poetry

Thanks to Mom

by a young woman, age 15

entering those teenage years
she thinks she's big
and pushes back her tears

she's changed herself to fit "the norm"
but she can't fit that, that's where she's torn

her anger's larger than her size
this is where the danger lies

I've seen her cower from being tossed and thrown
but never have I seen her drop from her throne

she takes the pain yet never gains
and always wipes away the stains

as her mother takes advantage of the struggle she makes her feel
she manipulates her, beats her, and stings her like an eel

she turns to drugs and becomes involved in dealings
she follows in her mother's path because she can't control
this mingle of feelings

finding that next hit, buzz, or ounce of beer
just to make sure she empties her mind, clear

once so strong, ambitious, and sweet
now hooked, addicted, and a living member of the street

thanks to mom and her liquor, she's been damaged,
her dreams have been crumbled, and she's lost
the ability to be her old self

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