Teen Poetry Collections

Son of Poseidon

by a young man, age 14

Five Reasons I Want to Be the Son of Poseidon: 
Breathing underwater so I could never drown.
Controlling the currents. It would make me feel in control. Instead of hitting people when I don’t feel in control, I could soak them with water.
Making my own hurricanes. It would make me feel like I could do something big and important. Now, instead of making hurricanes, I throw tantrums when I feel small and unimportant or if somebody pisses me off.
Walking on water. If people saw me walking on water, they would think I was a freak. Some people would leave me alone, others would bug me. Those people I would soak with the currents. If people left me alone, I would feel sad, but it would also be a good thing because I need to be alone sometimes.
Seeing lots of sights like shipwrecks. I might find some treasure and bring it back up. Then I would be a millionaire. I would save half the money for college and give the other half to the poor.