Teen Poetry Collections

Something Missing

by a youg man, age 14

I can’t wait to get out and start wrestling again.
My adrenaline starts pumping,
I get in the zone.
When I wrestle, I don’t remember much,
I just black out.
I just zone everything out.
It’s like nothing matters,
you're just right there. 

I’m focused on his body movements,
which leg he’s leading with,
what openings he has.
I’m focused on his arms,
his stance.
I focus on circling.
If you stay in one place, that’s stalling.
You have to circle around your opponent. 
When I see an opening,
I shoot for a double-leg takedown. 
If he’s trying to, like, hook on the back of my neck,
I can snap down. 

Wrestling is like anger release.
When I’m mad at something, or someone,
I take it out on wrestling. 

Now, it feels like I’m out of shape.
All we do here is, like, run around.
There’s not much physical stuff, like sports.

It’s like there’s something missing.
It’s like you lost your phone, and you can’t get on Facebook.