A Few Poetry  Anthologies That Have Emotional Content

Mother Songs
Edited by Sandra M. Gilbert, Susan Gubar, Diana O’Hehir

More Light
(Father and Daughter Poems)
Edited by Jason Shindler

Men of Our Time
Edited by Fred Moramarco & Al Zolynas

The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart
(Poems About Men)
Edited by Robert Bly, James Hillman, & Michael Meade

Edited by David Ray & Judy Ray

The Long Pale Corridor
(Contemporary Poems of Bereavement)
Edited by Judi Benson & Agneta Falk

Last Call
(Poems of Alcoholism, Addiction, & Deliverance)
Edited by Sarah Gorham & Jeffrey Skinner

The Handbook of Heartbreak
Collected by Robert Pinsky

Love Poems by Women
Edited by Wendy Mulford

Tangled Vines
(Poems About the Relationship Between Mothers and Daughters)
Edited by Lyn Lifshin

Love Poems from God
(Spiritual Poems from East and West)
Edited by Daniel Ladinsky

The World in Us
(Lesbian and Gay Poetry of the Next Wave)
Edited by Michael Lassell and Elena Georgiou

The Light from Another Country: Poetry from American Prisons
Edited by Joseph Bruchac

Invocation L.A
(Urban Multicultural Poetry)
Edited by Michelle Clinton, Sesshu Foster, Naomi Quinonez

Harper’s Anthology of 20th Century
Native American Poetry

Edited by Duane Niatum

(The Body and Illness in Poetry)
Edited by Jon Mukand

Looking for Home
(Women Writing about Exile)
Edited by Deborah Keenan and Roseann Lloyd

(American Poetry in the Face of Violence)
Edited by Cynthia Dubin Edelberg

The Healing Fountain
(Poetry Therapy for Life’s Journey)
Edited by Geri Giebel Chavis and Lila Lizabeth Weisberger

Poems to Live By in Uncertain Times
Edited by Joan Murray

The Poet’s Child
Edited by Michael Wiegers

Word of Mouth
(An Anthology of Gay American Poetry)
Edited by Timothy Liu

We Used to Be Wives
(Divorce Unveiled Through Poetry)
Edited by Jane Butkin Roth

Quiet Storm
(Voices of Young Black Poets)
Selected by Lydia Omolola Okutoro

Things I Have to Tell You
(Poems and Writing by Teenage Girls)
Edited by Betsy Franco

You Hear Me?
(Poems and Writing by Teenage Boys)
Edited by Betsy Franco

The Oxford Anthology of African-American Poetry
Edited by Arnold Rampersad

Into the Garden
(A Wedding Anthology)
Edited by Robert Hass & Stephen Mitchell

Broken Hearts…Healing
(Young poets speak out on divorce)
Edited by Tom Worthen, PhD

Good Poems for Hard Times
Selected by Garrison Keillor

The Sorrow Psalms
(A book of 20th Century Elegy)
Edited by Lynn Strongin

A Mind Apart
(Poems of Melancholy, Madness, and Addiction)
Edited by Mark S. Bauer

Rising Voices
(Writings by Young Native Americans)
Selected by Arlene Hirschfelder and Beverly R. Singer

Sixteen Voices
(Poets Who Are Survivors of Incest & Sexual Abuse)

With My Hands Full
(Poems by Young Latino Immigrants to America)
Edited by Jim Bodeen

Talking to the Sun
(Illustrated Poems for Young People [good imagery])
Selected by Kenneth Koch and Kate Farrell

Against Forgetting
(20th Century Poetry of Witness)
Edited by Carolyn Forche

Poetry Like Bread
(Poetry of Latin and American Political Protest)
Martin Espada

On City Streets
(Poems and Photos for Young People)
Selected by Nancy Larrick

The Bottom of Heaven: Artwork and Poetry
of the Remann Hall Women’s Project

(Poems by young women in juvenile detention)
Edited by Judith Roach and Darwin Nordin

Paint Me Like I Am
(Teen Poems from Writerscorps)
Edited by Nikki Giovanni

Also, any book published by WritersCorps
(San Francisco Writers in the Schools)