A Simple Pongo Writing Project  

One of the remarkable aspects of this work is how easy it is to enable openness and poetry from distressed youth. Young people want to heal themselves in this way. They want to be heard.

All you're called upon to do is to be a patient listener and an interested reader. Respect the things that teens need to talk about. Read the sections of this web site about Pongo's Approach, How We Introduce Ourselves to Youth, and How to Begin with Openness and Poetry.

Then use the supportive poetic structures discussed on this site. The 50 writing activities can each be downloaded as a Word file for you to print out and use with an individual or group. Look for the "Download" button near the top of the activity page. If you are working with an individual, read about Pongo's One-on-One Process, and Pongo's One-on-One Techniques, including Taking Dictation.

If possible, find ways for youth to share and publish their writing (with their permission, of course). Teens may prefer to have you read their poems to their peers, rather than read the poems aloud themselves.

See the Testimonials section for information on how some teachers and counselors have used Pongo techniques.