Teen Poetry Collections

Sides of Me

by a young woman, age 16

The side that hates me right now is feeling
Irritable, miserable, sad.
I wish I didn’t feel this way.
I think about my boyfriend and my
Staffordshire Terrier named Sugar.
Myself is angry with me
For being here.
But I have to cope,
I have to deal.
I should be used to this,
But I’m claustrophobic.
This place makes me
Anxious, nervous.
I threw a bottle of lotion at my wall because
It was the only thing I could break.
But it got me three hours in captive time.

The side that loves me right now is
Doesn’t want to be found,
Doesn’t want to be talked to.
When something’s really funny,
Like old episodes of Tom and Jerry,
That’s when I’ll smile.
Right now, I don’t have much love for myself.
I feel like a failure being here.
I followed everyone’s expectations.
They told me I wouldn’t be sh**,
I’d be pregnant
Do drugs
Drop out.

Even though I’m in jail,
I’m still a kid who
Goes to school, works, and
Listens to parents, even though
My dad’s a pain.
There’s this side of me that wants to
Tell them all to
F*** off
And let them know that
Little Sugar and I
See a different path.

I don't want kids until I'm 25 or 30,
When I got
College right,
Career right,
Family material right.
Little Sugar will see,
Even though she won't be little anymore.
We'll be watching Tom and Jerry,
With Captain Crunch,
Thinking about all the things
I've done right.