Prize Poetry

The Sick Boy

by a young man, age 17

There he sat in the dimly light bus. The world was perpetually grey, and the sky was covered with overcast. As the bus continued on to the boy's destination, he looks at the window. The window was clear and clean. However, as the boy reached out and touched the window, it turned a sickly grey, tainted by the boy.

The boy felt a sick sort of pleasure from tainting the window. The boy seemed to be harming himself by doing so; however the boy ignored this pain. The bus came to a halt, and the boy proceeded to his destination. On his way, he proceeded to touch and turn several things into grey and tainted. A doorway, a trash can, and a window, started to drip and bleed grey, as the boy touched them.

At the boy's final destination he was 200 feet above the water. The boy was not concerned with that though; the boy was concerned with the 6-inch ledge his feet rested on. He was concerned with the appearance of the letters, more so than his own life.

As the boy finished, he prepared to climb down the bridge, he slipped. The boy was freefalling for several seconds. As he hit the water, the color returned to the world, and the boy was finally happy. The boy did not return to the surface of the river.

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