Prize Poetry

She Stalks Every Movement

by a young woman, age 17

She stalks every movement.
Her glare is hard as cement.
I know what she wants,
But she doesn't know how to get it.
We're not meant to be,
But it is so good for now.
Our eyes meet,
And there is a silent agreement:
Whatever the consequences of tomorrow may be,
Will wait.
She exhales and her moan is the bait that draws me in.
I just can't win!
Her kiss is venomous.
It's soft and sweet.
It stiffens me.
Her touch is deadly,
Gentle and warm.
The quiet before the storm.
Clouds roll in,
And we begin to get lost in each other's touch.
My love is never enough.

Other "Honorable Mention" Recipients, January 2012