Teen Poetry Collections


by a young woman, age 16

I have them every night.
I black out and convulse.
It’s like an earthquake.
I don’t know what happens in them –
I’m not awake. When I wake up,
I can’t feel my body, and I’m, like, numb.
I feel again, with time. I walk around.
I let it go, now, because I’m used to it –
Every night for two years.
My neurologists, my friends who also have seizures –
I’ve talked to them, I know about seizures,
But I still don’t understand. 

Why does it happen to me?
I want it to stop. It puts my body
Through hell. I don’t even know
What I would do without it
Because things would be really different,

I’d be able to feel my body,
My brain wouldn’t be messed up –
As fried as it is because of it.
I’d be able to sleep through the night
And not wake up.