Prize Poetry


by a young woman, age 13

She was laughing
She was smiling
She was clueless
She was sent to a place
She was sent to a place to take care of her
She was poked and prodded
She was stabbed and swabbed
She was cared for
She was loved
She received gifts of sympathy
She was cut up
She was stitched up
She was weak
She was scared
She was tired
She had been scarred
She was cured physically
She was not cured emotionally
She was scarred
She was scarred
She was clueless
She was only 5
She was me

[Author Statement: "Writing to me is an outlet. Somewhere I can feel accepted for who I really am. And also I enjoy writing because when I finish I feel accomplished. I go through a lot of anger and sadness - and writing, especially poetry, seems to help me feel better. Not completely, but it does help. I have always enjoyed writing, and I just recently have taken up writing poetry a lot."]

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