Prize Poetry

Running #2

by a young woman, age 20

When I was REALLY LITTLE, I ran away from the dark and my friends and family fighting.

I was afraid of being turned into a creature of the night, and having to be separated.

At the time, I ran toward the woods or a tall tree.

I dreamed about love, the feeling, and me being a full princess instead of a monster. 

When I got a LITTLE OLDER, I ran away from a lot of things like bullies and the male gender (even though i was/am for a little while longer) and my eating disorder. 

When I ran, I expected that I would have no way out but death or, in ED's case, puke or not eating.

At the time, I ran toward alcohol and hallucinogens and my gf who said she loved me but only wanted me for my part below the belt. 

When I ran, I hoped for acceptance, love (the fairy tale love), and comfort and skinniness.

TODAY when I run, I run away from my past, a mirror (but I am working on being able to look in the mirror), and the wrong type of coping skills.

More than anything I wish I could run from my past and my current form and my dreams.

TODAY when I run, I run toward my acting class, knowledge, or a library, and I still run to a tall tree to get away from all the distractions, or a lake/pool.

More than anything I wish I could run to my future, and my son, and my friends I turned away from, and my youth leaders from church.

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