Prize Poetry

Ruin and Effort

by a young woman, age 18

You see that I am lost in my own thought,
you see that I always do the opposite of what I am taught,
but you don't know me.

You would know me
if you ever had a chance to walk a mile in my shoes,
if you knew how hard it was to hold in my anger,
hold in my fears, and tears.

You never knew how
I feel sometimes that no one cares,
but I know at least one person will still be there.

If you knew how my dad's death ruined me,
you could see that every day it gets hard,
but I'm still standing.

You see that I often take life for granted
and try to find an easy way out,
you see that I'm angry at that world
and I told myself that it owes me,
but you don't know me.

You would know me
if I could get the strength to know myself again
as the person I used to be,
if you knew how I express myself through art,
and every word I wrote comes from the heart,
if you knew how I like to cook, it kept a smile on my face,
and because of this I think of my dad every day,
if you knew how I made an effort to try,
but you never asked me why.

[Author Statement: "I will continue writing, and poetry plays a big part in my life because it's a coping mechanism for me. I'm also quiet and shy, so I have trouble expressing how I feel to people, so I just write whatever I'm feeling down on paper."]

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