Prize Poetry

Romantic Rain

by a young woman, age 16

what you expected from me?
oh, romantic rain
you saw him coming
like a thunder into my life

what do you need, just tell me?
oh, romantic rain
that you were with him
whenever we met

why didn't you warn me about
the damage that
his words have caused
oh, romantic rain

I was happy and never sad
when I was with him
I closed my eyes just to see him
enter into my life

why didn't you stop me then?
oh, romantic rain

I realize my mistake
now, that he had left me
all alone...

why have you given me tears to cry?
oh, romantic rain

[Author Statement: "I live in India, I love writing poems . I had very sad times, and my sister taught me that the best way to forget your grief is by writing poetry. It was then that I started writing poems. It was her idea to post my poems in this website. Now poems have become so important that whenever I see anything different or new I write about them."]

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