Teen Poetry Collections

Rolling Down on Me

by a young woman, age 17

I am very sad.
I feel like breaking down –
Like a bridge collapsing
Due to holding on to so many barriers,
Keeping so many cars from falling
Into the river below.

My dad is a car.
I’ve been run over so many times.
Yet I feel that he’s been run over, too.
I’d like to turn the anger around.
I wish we could have been
A bridge for each other.
My dad is in prison for 23 years.

My sisters and my family are cars
On the bridge.
I want to keep them from being like my dad.
They’re struggling.
My little sisters have been adopted,
My older brother has a guardian,
My other brother is in foster care,
And my other brother is in a group home.

I am a bridge.
I want to keep everyone safe
And be strong for them,
But I’m not doing well myself.
I wish I could be there for them,
But instead I’m in here.

I am a bridge that has cracks in it –
The cracks in my heart.

Dedicated to my dad and my family