Teen Poetry Collections

Really Buttery Popcorn

by a young woman, age 14

I miss the homemade rice that my mom makes for me.
She makes it for me when I am sick.
I miss lying in bed with her and watching scary movies.
We’d make a bunch of popcorn,
really buttery popcorn.

I miss coming home from school
and my mom asking if I needed help with homework
or if I want to help with dinner.

I miss my mom because she is always there for me
if I need someone to talk to –
Me and my mom are really close.
She is such a strong woman.
She has been through a lot.

When she was my age her mother abandoned her.
She was in foster care, had to share almost everything with my uncle.
She has always tried her hardest to keep a roof over our heads,
to give as much love and kisses as she could to me and my sister.

It’s hard to say everything when there’s so much to say.
I appreciate her more than she knows, even if I don’t show it all the time.
I just want my mom to know I love her bigger than spa