Teen Poetry Collections

Pre-Summary of My Life

by a young woman, age 14

Domestically assaulted as a child I have grown from that, moving from that song and creating something new. Going back, breaking tracks, and building up new ones. My life has been nothing but dotty. I could never understand it at first, but now I do. All my life as a small child I could only remember bad, and as I’ve grown I’ve grown a particular passion for classical music. I just love playing and listening to classical music. I guess you can say my passion for it is so vain and vulgar that it proceeds to my personality. I also have many a gift for literature that people deceive my talents for it, but I guess when I write, the paper is most definitely more patient than man. And one particular thing about paper, it’ll hide your secrets forever, deep within its fine lines and crevices.
Even though a teenager’s life is crazy I can count many a day where I’ve started to fancy the idealness of my life, even though it may be somewhat witty at a time and again. I’ll never disown my life because of the improfound tale that leads behind it, and what I implore to find is what my heart deeply desires. That is to find love and hope deep within the souls of my heart that are unbearable for myself to find, but misery itself it’s one’s company.