Pongo's Directors and Staff  


Board of Directors
  • Karen Hirsch, MA [consultant in nonprofit development] - President
  • Douglas Thorpe, PhD [English professor, Seattle Pacific University] - Vice-President
  • Christian Hawthorne, JD [trademark and copyright attorney] - Treasurer
  • Mick Storck, MD [associate professor, University of Washington School of Medicine - Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry]
  • Lianda Abraham [Campaign Manager at WA State Opportunity Scholarship]
  • Briyanna (Bree) Brinson [Program Assistant at the Social Science Research Council]
  • Aisha Al-Amin [Donor Relations Manager at Powerful Voices]

  • Barbara Green, MA [Interim Executive Director]
  • Nebeu Shimeles [Development Manager]
  • Shaun McMichael, MAT [Program Manager]
  • Ann Teplick, MFA [Project Leader]
  • Kieanna Stephens [Intern]