Pongo Receives $25K Grant from
Microsoft Alumni Foundation
to Support National Outreach

Pongo was honored to be awarded a grant from the Microsoft Alumni Foundation in support of our national outreach. This grant will enable us to offer presentations and trainings nationally, to seed Pongo-inspired writing projects around the country. Pongo believes that youth in every city, in every detention center, homeless shelter, and psychiatric hospital, can benefit from a Pongo opportunity. We will share our methodology and consult, in order to encourage, train, and support others in this work.

We are very proud to receive this support from the Microsoft Alumni Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to effective philanthropy, with the following goal: "The purpose of our philanthropic program is to catalyze the collective power of the Microsoft alumni family and leverage our resources to make a difference for others."

And in further wonderful news, Microsoft will match donations to Pongo by Microsoft Alumni. Here is the link where anyone can donate to Pongo . Click on the "Donate" button. And for Microsoft Alumni, here is the link that tells you how to request a Microsoft match for your donation. (It's easy!)

Pictured above are Satya Nadella (current Microsoft CEO), Jeff Raikes (Board Chair of the Microsoft Alumni Network, co-founder of the Raikes Foundation, former CEO of Gates Foundation), Steve Ballmer (former Microsoft CEO, owner of LA Clippers), Trish Millines Dziko (award recipient for Technology Access Foundation ), Richard, Cliff Schmidt (award recipient for Literacy Bridge ).