Pongo 2.0

To stay in the loop about our training schedule, request to be put on our trainings email list by writing to programmanager@pongoteenwriting.org

Pongo 2.0 will be offered online in Spring 2021, likely on a Saturday in late May. Look for registration information in March 2021.

Haven't attended Pongo 1.0, but still interested in attending a Pongo 2.0? Don't worry, upon completing registration and payment for 2.0, Pongo staff will email you a recording of a recent Pongo 1.0 you can watch in preparation.

Pongo 2.0 TECHNIQUES: Taking Dictation; Creating & Leading Group Poem Exercises

SAMPLE AGENDA: (in Pacific Time)

  • 10:00—10:50am    Mod 1: Re-introductions
  • 10:55—12:45pm    Mod 2: Taking Dictation; Our Role
  • 12:45—01:15pm    Lunch
  • 01:15—2:10pm     Mod 3: Creating & Leading a Group Poem
  • 02:15—3:00pm     Mod 4: Tips for Starting Your own Project

Cost: TBD

Scholarship Application Process: TBD

Trainers: TBD

FILMING: Pongo 2.0's training will be recorded for educational purposes. By registering, you will give Pongo approval to record this event, still and/or moving images from which may appear in printed materials or digital channels for archival, educational, or promotional purposes.