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Physical Love

by a young man, age 17

Growing up my mom wasn't financially able to take care of me.
But she was always there physically,
Making sure that I got on the bus to school,
Making sure I was keeping my hygiene up.
When I got into my early teens I started dealing drugs.
It would do me good one moment, then the next it would do me bad,
Get me sent to Juvenile.
My father was there for me financially, but not physically.
He always lived two states away.
Besides, when I took it upon myself to get on the Greyhound to go see him, I would never see him at all.
Instead of paying child support he would send me money on the first of the month.
He would send me something at Christmas.
I loved him for the financial love he gave me, but I felt he abandoned me physically.
It led to me do a lot of bad things in my life.

I lived with my mom until I was 13 or 14,
Then I moved in with my aunt
Cause my mom kinda flew off the edge.
I think it was because she was trying to do it all herself,
Raising three kids to be independent.
I was kinda a parent before my daughter was even born,
Taking care of my little sister.
There was a time when my mom wouldn’t come home for weeks.
There were things about being a kid that I missed out on.
It was pretty much me and my sister after a while
Cause my older sister left.

In some ways I’m angry at my mom for doing that.
In some ways I’m happy she did that because it made me independent.
I feel if you are a child yourself you shouldn’t have to raise another child,
But it did help me as far as raising my child today.