Teen Poetry Collections

People Fall

by a young man, age 14

I’m from a street where people struggle
to stand on both of their feet.
My mom and my dad have always tried to take care of me,
but they can’t even take care of themselves.
People fall like leaves from a tree.
My mom, she tries so hard, but
she doesn’t even have enough money to get by.
I don’t know where I’m from.
I’m native and I don’t even know my native culture.
I don’t even know who my mom is personally, or my dad.
I don’t even know my family.
I’d like to know if they’re still there for me.
Only time I see my mom is when I’m in court.
I can’t even talk to her.
I know my tribe.
But nothing else.
I don’t know who to talk to.
I’ve never met anyone from my tribes.
They’re all on the reservation, in different states.