Teen Poetry Collections

Para Mi Mama y Para Mi Papa

by a young woman, age 16

Why did you leave my brothers and sisters and I?
Why did you think drugs were more important than taking care of your kids?
Why would you call when you didn’t want to talk to me?
Why would you make me drink beer and dance for you when I was only 8 years old?
Why did you have to beat us so brutally?

Even though you weren’t the best parents, I still love you unconditionally.
I wish that you would have taught me better than to do drugs and run away, commit crime, end up in jail like you.

I think about you every day.

Mom, why did you risk doing drugs
when my little brother was inside you?

Dad, why would you make me smoke weed with you?
Why would you let mom beat me more than any of the other ones?
Why would you leave us alone with Mommy if you knew
she wasn’t stable enough?

I think about you every day.

I’m angry like I’ve been hurt too much.
I’m sad like I’ve been left to teach myself.

There’s only one way I can take it,
by doing the things I do.
I wish that you wouldn’t have done drugs.
Now that you are gone, that’s how I feel close to you