Teen Poetry Collections

Pain All My Life

 by a young man in detention

I’ve been in pain all my life.
I’ve been fighting to keep my head up.
I keep my head down.

My pain comes from other people.
I was born into pain, a baby
drowning in pain.

My pain felt like being stabbed,
an open wound that wouldn’t heal.
My pain felt like a person
yelling for help.

My pain is pinkish, orange-ish—
sadness like I’ve been hurt.

My pain felt like being stuck
in a hole or a ditch.
I turned to drugs to ease my pain.

At first, I felt relieved, so I started
using more. The pain kept throbbing.
My pain ached like something

in a horror movie. My pain
makes me feel like I’m locked up.
It keeps trying to imprison.

I’ve been fighting the urge.
I think about what happens if I relapse.
I want to go back to school.

Get a job. I’ll look to positive things
instead of negative. I’ll think about
where I am now, and where I could go.