Teen Poetry Collections

On My YouTube Channel

by a young man at CSTC

I don’t have a YouTube Channel
but if I did, I would wear
the craziest ties ever.
I can’t wear ties here,
but at home, that’s how I express myself.

Sometimes they express how I feel,
sometimes they’re just there to be funny
yet they’re always different
than everyone else’s.

I got ties with cats—
some are tubby, some are not.
Some are lying, some are sleeping
while some are prowling the night’s sky.
The times I wear my cat ties
is when I’m feeling mischievous
or sly.

I’ve got ties with dots and ties with stripes,
some colors match and some colors don’t.

I’ve got dino nugget ties—
those obviously are worn when I’m hungry.
I’ve got taco ties, hot dog ties, burger ties too.
Avocado ties
are by far my favorite!

On my YouTube Channel, these ties
would not just express myself
but they would also express
what fun stuff we’re doing that day.

If I wore sports ties,
that day I would show off
how terrible I am at basketball.

If I wore ties with books, I would show
how little I know about famous authors.
If I wore ties with beakers and vials
I could show everyone that I’m alright at science.

The one tie I would love to wear the most
would be my math tie
yet I feel I’d get the least amount
of views on those episodes.

In the end though,
I don’t feel it matters
what people think about me
or my ties.
I wear my ties
not for what other people think I should feel
but for what I want to feel.