Prize Poetry

Offend You?

by a young woman, age 13

Does my appearance offend you?
The way I walk my walk
My hips rocking in every direction and way
It's not my fault my confidence is up
Does my talk offend you?
The way I pronounce my words correctly
Talk like I have manners and don't use slang
I don't use words like “dang”
I have a little bit of an accent
So that makes me a little bit more attractive…
Than you!
Does my attitude offend you?
I don’t speak to people I don’t like
So that means I ain’t gonna talk to you
I keep to myself
If you have a problem, speak up
I don't have people fight my battles
I do my own work, and trust me I do handle my own
I don't walk around like I am Grown
But my attitude is well known!
Does me being real offend you?
I am not on that fake sh*t
So don't come to me with that!
I stand my own ground and you can believe that!
I'm gonna keep living how I'm living
Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do
So Stop trying to hate on me and DO YOU!

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