Objectives of Presentation/Training

Here are the objectives of a Pongo presentation and training...

  1. The presentation audience will gain a new appreciation for the power of writing in healing, especially with traumatized populations and with individuals who have difficulty expressing themselves. The complementary and integrative role for writing and shared expression with evidence-based, treatment modalities (such as Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy) will also be discussed.

  2. The presentation audience will be introduced to the methodology and outcomes of one successful writing program, as implemented in juvenile justice facilities, homeless shelters, and psychiatric hospitals.

  3. The presentation audience will learn how poetry provides a unique youth engagement strategy and may enrich self-awareness, understanding of emotions, camaraderie, and the development of coping skills to use in the future.

  4. The presentation audience will be introduced to practical skills, and will be pointed to further resources, for facilitating a poetry program in their work individually and with people in jails, shelters, and psychiatric programs serving at-risk youth and others.

  5. The training participants will be offered greater depth on Pongo’s approach and methods, in particular through hands-on practice.


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