Teen Poetry Collections

Nothing Will Bring Me Down

by a young woman, age 12

When I got raped
I was sad
It makes me feel like crying
Never telling the police
Refusing to testify
I feel like an empty abyss
I feel like I could’ve cried a river
I cried forever
I went to sleep and hoped it has all been a dream
I felt that if I had sex with a guy I actually liked
The feeling of being raped would go away
But it didn’t
If I could ask him something
I’d ask why me
Why me of all the other girls in the world
There were so many that would’ve went willingly
Why me
I’d ask
Did he actually know me?
I never saw his face
It didn’t matter to me
I put it in a box
I sent it down a river
And I hope it never comes back
I feel like this will make me stronger
Most of the kids who go through bad stuff
Will be able to help other kids when they get older
I’ll be able to know what it is like
And tell them when I was twelve I got raped
I’ve been in detention seven times
I know what it’s like to have parents who don’t want you
I did it
I made it out
And I did something with my life
Nothing will bring me down